Street Fighter 5 update packs a real punch

Balrog is back in a jam-packed Street Fighter V update
Balrog is back in a jam-packed Street Fighter V update

Street Fighter fans will be pleased to hear that a feast of new content arrives for SFV this weekend (July 1).

A much anticipated update will add cult favourite Balrog, Ibuki and the fabled story mode - a first for the 20-year-old Capcom fighting franchise.

And that’s not all there will also be additional costumes and new stages thrown into the mix when it goes live on Friday at 9am.

It was a major disappointment when the likes of Blanka, Sagat and Balrog were excluded from the Street Fighter V roster on release.

Capcom said it was to give the game more balance and variety.

Well at least now we have Balrog who is one of the most iconic characters in Street Fighter history (and blatantly based on Mike Tyson in his pomp).

He first appeared as one of the Four Kings of Shadaloo in Street Fighter II as a boss character. He’s always been one of the most vicious characters to ever appear in the series, using his devastating boxing style to knock out his opponents.

Ibuki, the young female ninja-in-training seeking to live the normal life of a modern teenager, also returns in the update.

Balrog’s story costume and premium battle costume will become available after the update as will all character Battle Costumes on through the PlayStation Store.

The classic Las Vegas stage from Street Fighter II also returns as the streets are lined with neon signs once again.

The action heats up as the Kanzuki Family Private Beach will now be available as an all new battle stage.

Juri and Urien will be available to play with in the exciting all new Cinematic Story Mode but are not quite ready for official release.

Early reports online suggest the story mode isn’t what many thought it would be - ie pick a character and play through their story beating your way through the roster before getting to the boss like in the old days.

Instead you play through a set story which intertwines all the characters together and you have no choice over which character you are.

If that is the case it is a little disappointing but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve had a chance to play through it myself.