Your invitation to Basil’s gourmet night


Fans of the peerless TV sitcom Fawlty Towers will need no introduction to gourmet night, a grandiose attempt to pull in posher punters that goes hopelessly wrong from the very first amuse bouche. Only four diners turn up, the new chef is an alcoholic homosexual with his eyes on Manuel the waiter, and the sight of John Cleese thrashing his recalcitrant car with a tree branch, which comes from that episode – only of only 12 in what is generally agreed to be one of the finest sitcoms ever created – is one of the best-known scenes in comedy history.

So there are all sorts of reasons why you might be reluctant to sign up for the madness, mayhem and a meal that’s on offer at the Watford Colosseum next Wednesday.

But that’s when Faulty Towers The Dining Experience will be inviting you to pull up a chair and tuck into a feast of fun.

The show has consistently gained five-star reviews and standing ovations across the world, and now the chaos of the Fawlty Towers dining room is going to be reproduced in the Colosseum’s very own Forum Restaurant.

The show, which originated in Australia and has been touring since 1997, arrived in Europe in 2008 and is such a success that six teams of the cast now tour the world non-stop.

The show starts as the audience wait to be seated and then hurtles along into the world of the BBC comedy series for two hours of fully immersive, highly improvised and site-specific comedy theatre.

So you get to be up close and personal to the snobbish, manic Basil, his domineering wife Sybil, Manuel and the rest of the crew.

With only a third of the show scripted, everything stays fresh and funny as they serve up madcap mayhem and a three-course meal.

It all kicks off at 7,30pm, and tickets – which include a three course meal – are £40.

You can find out more at or call 0845 075 3993.