You get to decide the end of this drama

JEFFREY Archer’s tense courtroom drama The Accused is on its way to Tring.

In this interactive cliffhanger which uses the audience as one of its most crucial components, Dr Patrick Sherwood is accused of murdering his wife using a lethal injection of a prescription drug. It’s thought that the drug was supplied by Sherwood’s lover, nurse Jennifer Mitchell.

The play’s characters including Dr Sherwood give their evidence.

Is he innocent or guilty?

The choice will keep you on the edge of your seats, and at the end of the trial you’ll be invited to deliver your verdict of guilty or not guilty. Once you’ve made that decision the play will continue - with one of two different endings, depending on your verdict. Only then will you finally discover the truth.

Berkhamsted Theatre Company present The Accused at the Court Theatre, Tring from Wednesday, April 6 to Saturday, April 9, 7.45pm.

Call 07543 560478 for tickets or go online at