Watch out Hemel it’s feeding time for Audrey II

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GLEEFULLY gruesome science-fiction rock musical Little Shop Of Horrors will be shaking up Boxmoor Playhouse next week.

Hapless Seymour Krelborn spends day in day out slaving away in Mr Mushnik’s Florists, mooning over the glamorous but ditsy assistant Audrey, and dreaming of a way out of downtown Skid Row.

Then one day during a total eclipse of the sun, he stumbles upon a strange and exotic new plant that could change his luck forever.

Feeling sorry for the little plant, Seymour names her Audrey II after his secret love, and by chance discovers that she feeds on human blood.

But as Seymour tends her, she grows to monstrous proportions and develops a huge appetite.

Will Seymour survive Audrey II’s plans for global domination? And can he grab his chance for a life of fame, fortune and true love?

Featuring the music from the hit 1986 film, including Somewhere That’s Green and Suddenly Seymour, the songs have the feel and sound of Broadway numbers crossed with Motown tunes - and the lyrics are subversive and satirical.

Performed by Hemel Hempstead Theatre Company’s own youth group and featuring, NODA-award-winning and runner-up in Hertfordshire’s Got Talent, singer Damien Winchester as the voice of Audrey II, as well as performers from Ashlyns, Cavendish, Longdean, Tring, Dundale Junior and Hemel Hempstead school.

Little Shop Of Horrors will be at the Boxmoor Playhouse, Hemel Hempstead from Thursday, March 31 to Saturday, April 2, 7.30pm and on Sunday, April 3 at 2.30pm.

Call 01442 234004 for tickets or go online at

The show may not be suitable for very young children due to the subject matter, occasional use of bad language and sadistic references.