Rhydian is so ready for Rocky!

Rhydian's ready for Rocky
Rhydian's ready for Rocky

Is there life after the reality TV spotlight fades? Here’s the answer – X Factor runner-up Rhydian returns to the Waterside Theatre next week, but this time he will be on stage playing the lead role in the 40th anniversary tour of The Rocky Horror Show.

Last time the Welsh singer, who shot to fame on the ITV show in 2007, visited the Aylesbury venue he was in the audience watching Grease in 2011, preparing to take over the role of Dream Angel.

The 29-year-old said: “I sat there and watched the show before I went for a sing-through of the part.

“It’s a nice theatre and a really great venue. People I speak to often say they like coming to Aylesbury as part of tours.

“There are certain places, which I won’t name, where there’s bad digs or accommodation and you are really not looking forward to it.

“But Aylesbury, I know it’s quite new, is getting known as a good theatre to come to.

“I think it’s reputation is growing. The investment that was put into it was well worth it and it is somewhere the actors love coming to. I also have friends that have performed there and they all say they have had a great experience.”

Looking ahead to his role as Rocky, Rhydian promised the 40th anniversary production is different from previous shows – such as the one performed at the Waterside in 2010.

He said: “We have a new set, great cast and new costumes.

“The only thing that stays the same is the Time Warp as we believe the audience will be doing the Time Warp and it’s important to keep. But other than that it’s fresh.

“Rocky Horror is a show like no other. The audience is invited to interrupt the cast and we are prepared for that.

“Some audience members spend months planning out what they are going to wear. It’s a big night out and fun to be part of.”

After finishing runner up in the 2007 X Factor, Rhydian was signed by Simon Cowell and has since released four studio albums and appeared on stage in We Will Rock You. Rocky Horror comes to the Waterside from Monday for a week-long run.