Ground Breaking play about a serious man and serious events

Kings Langley Players are performing Breaking the Code
Kings Langley Players are performing Breaking the Code

After a season of comedies the Kings Langley Players are bringing a serious play about serious events and a serious man to the stage next weekend.

Breaking The Code by Hugh Whitemore (84 Charing Cross Road, Pack of Lies, Stevie) won awards in the West End and on Broadway in the mid-80s as it pushed the envelope of popular acceptability – and brought to world attention a different kind of Second World War hero.

Not a dashing man of action but a man of thought, a visionary mathematician. Also, at a time when to be gay was against the law, he was a “convicted homosexual.” He was the man who saved thousands of British lives by breaking the Enigma code used by the German U boats, the enigmatic Alan Turing. “That’s not to say it’s by any means doom-and-gloom” says director Jean Balmforth.

“Hugh Whitemore tells Turing’s story in a series of tight scenes, mainly one-to-one conversations that move backwards and forwards in time. It is an elegant construction and plays out as tensely as a thriller. There is an ironic English sensibility at work, a wry sense of humour that means this is so much more than a story of state ingratitude and persecution of a man who’d been instrumental in saving it.”

The show hits the Kings Langley Community Centre stage from May 22 to 24 and you can purchase tickets online 24/7 at or call 
07906 695959.