Get a Front Row seat for generation gap comedy in Eaton Bray

Theatre group Front Row is getting set to perform a gentle romantic comedy at Eaton Bray Hall.

Generations Apart by Peter Gordon, which explores the relationships between three generations of the same family, opens on Thursday, March 20,

Having met Anne at the 1969 Isle of Wight music festival and fallen madly in love, staid islander Paul is set to run off with her to a mainland commune before circumstances force him to reconsider his options.

Many years later a chance encounter with Anne’s daughter leads Paul back into the past. The flames of romance slowly rekindle, but not without seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their path.

The cast includes Bob Stilliard, Donna Hughes, Barbara Morton, Jessica Hills and Matt Flitton, with some of the cast doubling up to play different characters.

Tickets are £7, call the box office 01525 222283 to find out more.