From ancient to modern for Court’s young stars

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Last year the teenage stars of Court Youth Theatre tackled an ancient text for their annual production.

But this year’s challenge is a world away from their interpretation of Aristophanes’ iconic The Birds, a comedy which was first performed 400 years before the birth of Christ.

This time around they’re doing it all themselves, and the results of their hard work will be seen on the Pendley stage on Friday and Saturday.

What they’ve come up with is billed only as ‘Devised Piece’ in the Court’s schedule, because the youngsters have taken on responsibility for all aspects of the production process from writing and performing to sound, lighting and costume.

They’ve been hard at work in regular sessions at the town’s Temperance Hall to shape the show before bringing it to the public this weekend – there are performances at 7.30pm each evening and there’s also a 3pm matinee on Saturday afternoon.

Tickets are £8 with £6 concessions, you can book yours through the Court Theatre website at