First show in 15 years staged at castle

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A PUBLIC event has been staged at Berkhamsted Castle for the first time in 15 years.

It was an open-air performance of The Pirates of Penzance by production company Illyria on Saturday last week - and nearly 400 people went to it.

Suzan Felton, from the town’s Charles Street, snapped the above photo and said the show was “wonderful”.

Chief organiser Peter Matthews said it was “terrific”.

Mr Matthews said: “We were close to capacity after selling all our tickets.

“The general feeling is we are now able to start using the castle for the people of Berkhamsted, rather than just keeping it as an ancient monument. I think that’s something we will be encouraging in the future.

“We have proved the point that the castle can be used for entertainment without detriment the castle, the facilities there or health and safety.”

He said Berkhamsted Town Council has planned the show for two years and the final result was “fantastic”.