Erin and Anton sashay back to the Waterside

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Strictly Come Dancing star Erin Boag is coming to Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre this weekend with popular partner Anton Du Beke at her side.

After 17 years as professional partners, Erin says Anton is still her idol and the person who inspires her most as a dancer.

They met after New Zealand-born Erin, then only just out of her teens, moved to England and split with her original partner.

She came up with a list of five possible replacements, including Anton.

She recalled: “Anton likes to make a grand entrance and the day I met him he spun me around and gave me a dip. I asked if he was for real and everyone said: ‘That’s Anton, that’s how he always is’.

“I told him he had missed his vocation and should be an entertainer on TV, and here we are, all these years later he is on TV with Strictly Come Dancing!”

Erin realised she had found her perfect partner and the duo have been together professionally ever since.

They first played at the Waterside last year and Erin has fond memories of the theatre.

“It’s a very beautiful venue and the crowds were tremendous,” she said.

“We do a Q&A with people writing messages in the foyer and putting them into a box, and we select a few to answer on stage during the show.”

Their sparkling new show Anton & Erin Go to Hollywood promises a great evening out with sassy tunes, sensational choreography and sparkling costumes.

They will be joined by singer Lance Ellington, guest dancers and a 25-piece orchestra.

Tickets for Saturday night’s show cost from £31.50 to £47.50, call 0844 871 7607 for more details.