Curtain lifts on 65th Shakespeare fest tonight

Tonight’s the night! The metaphorical curtain lifts on Pendley Shakespeare Festival’s 65th al fresco extravaganza this evening at 8pm.

From tonight through to Sunday, Shakespeare’s shortest play The Comedy of Errors will be perfomed at the outdoor theatre at Pendley Manor Hotel, Tring.

According to the production team, the play is one of Shakespeare’s finest and most colourful pieces.

It follows the trials and tribulations of Antipholous and Dromio of Syracuse as they scour the foreign and peculiar world of Epidamnum for their long lost twin brothers Antipholous and Dromio of Ephesus.

Needless to say, their search doesn’t go according to plan and they find themselves in and amongst some rather confusing and hilarious situations.

Starting next Wednesday for another five-night run is the great tragedy Hamlet.

Visit or call 01442 820060 to book.