Breaking every PC taboo in the book

SM WO Brian Sewell - Rut Times theatre cap - at Uppingham Theatre on Friday night
SM WO Brian Sewell - Rut Times theatre cap - at Uppingham Theatre on Friday night

HE’S mercilessly mimicked for his high-brow tone and well-known for his ability to offend, but he’s also a revered art critic and respected historian and next week you can make your own judgement when he stops off at the Elgiva in Chesham.

Art critic for the Evening Standard for the last 20 years, and a prolific broadcaster across news, arts and documentary programming on both radio and television, Brian Sewell sees art history as a unique and essential window on the civilised world. But many don’t like the way his honest and knowledgeable approach challenges modern fashions.

He famously upset the Mayor of Manchester for calling J S Lowry ‘a nincompoop’, he’s been told never to set foot in the Royal College of Art, and was punched in the eye outside Harrods by a young artist.

And he talks as he writes – with courage, passion, and humour, about everything from classic cars to the latest fashion in the Picasso/Matisse debate.

If you want a masterly summing up of the history of art and a searching look at the direction of visual art in the UK in recent years, laced with a scorching critique of the work of the Arts Council and the lack of arts funding in the UK, you’ll get it.

With a sharp wit, an encyclopaedic knowledge of fine art and an entertaining delivery, Brian Sewell will leave you with plenty to think about.

The Unmissable Brian Sewell will be at the Elgiva, Chesham on Saturday, March 26, 3pm.

Call the box office on 01494 582900 for tickets or go online at for more information on this unmissable event.