A flood of fun to be enjoyed as Noah musical washes up at Boxmoor Playhouse

Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark
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There are 40 talented youngsters helping to make up the marvellous menagerie involved in Noah The Musical, which will be anchoring at the Boxmoor Playhouse next week.

This magical musical by local writers Ian Gower and Rob Alderton will be performed by Hemel Hempstead Theatre Company’s Youth Section and includes all the elements you would expect to tell this great story – a large boat, the animals two by two, a storm, a dove and the symbolic rainbow.

With all original songs and lyrics, Noah The Musical was written in 2005 and since then it has been performed widely across the UK and beyond with performances in Australia, South Africa and the USA.

The show opens next Thursday, January 30 and there are also performances on Friday and Saturday, including a matinee.

For ticket prices and availability email hhtc.tickets@gmail.com or call the theatre on 01442 234004 and use option four.