Town’s crimes are uncovered

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POLICE: A new report shows the scores of crimes that police had to deal with in July and August.

Berkhamsted cops have been called out to tackle crimes ranging from a major car accident in Boswick Lane to a pedestrian that was struck by a mobility scooter.

The report was drawn up by Steve Patton, the town’s police community support officer.

He was called to a burglary in a block of flats at Birtchnell Close on Tuesday, August 2, after three men broke into a home with screwdrivers.

They were arrested and two were charged with burglary.

Police were also called to tackle a rave at Beacon Road, Ringshall on Sunday, August 8. There were 100 vehicles and 400 revellers, but no arrests were made.

Mr Patton said: “We talked to the organisers and said: ‘This is not nice for people walking their dogs.’

“Then they shut it down and went home.”