My debut album is free so that I can share my music, says Hemel Hempstead’s T.R.E.

T.R.E. (Mulapi Muchunga, 18, from Damascus Green in Chaulden) releases his first album
T.R.E. (Mulapi Muchunga, 18, from Damascus Green in Chaulden) releases his first album

Calling your first album Successtory might be considered to be tempting fate – but up and coming urban artist T.R.E has high hopes for his debut

Mulapi Muchunga from Damascus Green in Chaulden – he’s adopted the stage name T.R.E. as a spin on the nickname Trek, coined by friends because of his habit of walking everywhere he went – has produced the album himself and he’s decided to make it a free release in the hope of finding the widest possible audience. The 18-year-old former Astley Cooper School student said: “I love to do music and I want to share my passion.”

According to T.R.E. the album – which was officially released last week – is about trying to achieve your dream, and the emotions and feelings that go along with that. He says that it describes “the highs, lows and sacrifices” of his journey so far.

The young urban artist showed off his talent at the 2012 Olympic torch ceremony in Hemel Hempstead with his catchy single Gold Medal and he’s also recently performed at the Oceana club in Nottingham.

The album was produced at Unsigned Studios in St Albans and a delighted T. R. E. says he’s really pleased with the finished product, having nailed the sound that he was looking for.

He hopes that by releasing his first album free of charge, he will stand out from the competition and encourage more people to listen to and enjoy his work. He said: “When you’re trying to get established you can’t afford to sell your material.”

Plans for the future include a mixtape called Born To Be Great, or BTBG for short.

You can download the album online, and there are a limited amount of free hard copies available, too.

Find out more at, search T.R.E on Facebook or follow him on Twitter at @Iknotre.