It’s goat to be trad, dad

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A Berkhamsted pub is swinging on Sunday nights thanks to new jazz sessions, and musicians have praised the town’s ‘open-mindedness’.

High Street pub The Goat will host jazz shows whenever it can find bands to perform, says manager Matt Chamberlain.

Quartet Home Cookin’ will be there from 8pm on Sunday to perform a unique blend of vocal and instrumental jazz, blues, ska and township.

Dave Rance’s Rocking Chair Jazz Band, who usually play at The Pump House in Watford, are already becoming regulars at The Goat.

Dave said: “I think the people of Berkhamsted are very open-minded and look at anything as long as it’s good, and I think that goes across the whole of the age range.

“It’s quite refreshing to find a community that’s not been brainwashed by the media into thinking only one kind of music is acceptable.”

Dave’s band has three vocalists, a drummer, trombonist, saxophonist, guitarist, banjo-player and double bassist.

Dave said: “We are a modern day version of very traditional jazz.”

The band is hoping to gradually expand its fan base from the ‘minority appeal’ often associated with jazz music.

Its members have played at The Goat three times and they will be there next on Friday, May 19.

The recent death of icon Kenny Ball, of Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen fame, was a tragedy for jazz, but Dave said: “It has inspired us to try and keep his name alive.”

Dave likes jazz because of the unrestricted self-expression he gets out of it.

In Radio 4 sitcom Ed Reardon’s Week, the Berkhamsted-based eponymous central character plays with a trad jazz band in the fictional Lock-keeper’s Arms – but now The Goat is making sure that life imitates art to the benefit of music-lovers.