Futuristic folk is no Folly

MCHG Folly Rae, Hemel Hempstead singer-songwriter. 15-03-13
MCHG Folly Rae, Hemel Hempstead singer-songwriter. 15-03-13

Making a name for herself on the pub/club circuit is a ‘futuristic folk’ artist who has her first single out now.

The memorably named Folly Rae has cut Free Your Mind, now available via iTunes, and an EP is due out in April.

Folly, 23, is a Hemel girl through and through, though she’s of part Norwegian descent, and attended Hobbs Hill Wood Primary School and then Longdean before going to a musical college in Guildford, which she subsequently dropped out of. But her interest in music has never waned and is now her passion, although the main bills are still paid for from part-time bar work.

The singer-songwriter, now living on the edge of Leverstock Green, said: “An emotional split helped me to have a subject to write about.

“It was an emotional time that affected me. I write a lot of poetry and lyrics and spend a lot of my time drawing, sketching and writing songs.”

Folly – real name Rachel Alderson – is well geared up in her search for success, with a PR writer, manager and a team of producers, plus musicians who accompany her at gigs when she isn’t playing solo with guitar.

“Mostly I play guitar and write and sit, sing a melody and a lyric will come to me,” she said.

“I write it down straight away, sometimes on my phone, and it’s a fast process.”

Her folk-pop set is best known around live music venues in the North London area but she spends much of her time experimenting in a studio she is setting up at home.

Search Folly Rae on Facebook; @follyrae for Twitter; or www.soundcloud.com