Could plans be music to town’s ears?

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A MUSIC promoter is urging people to get behind his campaign for a live music venue to be built in Hemel.

Luke Hinton, 31, who runs Juicebox promotions, believes that the proposed plans to redevelop Hemel town centre should include a facility capable of staging live acts.

Luke Hinton, Juicebox promotions.

Luke Hinton, Juicebox promotions.

He has launched an online petition, and a Facebook group entitled ‘Hemel Hempstead needs a live music venue! Petition!!!’ has gained nearly 150 members two days.

“It’s about trying to create that spark again,” said Luke. “Hemel isn’t a bad place, but it can seem a bit grey and bleak. People just need that choice of things to do.”

The entrepreneur has been involved in running live music nights for many years, and believes there is a real demand for a venue of this sort in the town.

“I think the best bet would be a 200-300 capacity venue that could host music and also be used as a bar,” he said. “We’ve found so many great bands from this area but, at the moment, if they want to play a local gig it has to be somewhere like St Albans.”

And Luke believes that the town as a whole would benefit from his proposed idea.

“After the Pavilion was knocked down, we were promised another place like it but that never came.

“We need an alternative form of nightlife that will make the younger generation want to stay here. Nightlife brings about business and jobs.”

Luke has already made contact with a number of people inside the music industry who are backing the campaign, and he says he will be approaching Hemel MP Mike Penning and Dacorum Borough Council to put forward his idea.

“If nothing comes of it, at least we can say we tried,” he said.

To add your name to Luke’s online petition, please visit