A cappella at the Alban Arena

fork at alban arena march 2013
fork at alban arena march 2013

It was way back in 1996 that four students sat in small kitchen in Helsinki and talked about their dreams of forming a rock band.

One big problem was that they didn’t really know how to play any instruments – but as they all fancied themselves as singers, why not dispense with the technology and rely on the power and range of their own voices?

That’s basically how Finnish quartet ‘electro vocal circus’ group Fork got started, and now their combination of a capella performance and tongue-in-cheek presentation is spreading around the world.

They’re probably the best known two man, two woman musical act to come out of Scandinavia since you know who, despite the unpromising name, and they’ll be performing at the Alban Arena on Sunday evening.

Expect a set of contemporary covers given a unique vocal twist. Tickets are £15, visit www.alban-arena.co.uk or call 01727 844488.