Herring to talk about tackle in Tring

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Critically-acclaimed comedian Richard Herring is set to tickle a Tring audience with his tongue-in-cheek show Talking Cock next Wednesday.

He will be performing an updated version of the popular stand-up set at Pendley’s Court Theatre in way of celebration of the crude show’s tenth anniversary.

Hailed by The Guardian as the man’s answer to the Vagina Monologues, Richard’s amusing show is set to explore the organ that is an “object of shame and pride” as well as universally inspiring laughter and fear in equal measure, with plenty of punchlines along the way.

The fact it sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe 2002 and the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2003, has been translated and performed in more than a dozen European countries and published as a book by Ebury Press is testament to the world’s widespread fascination with the male anatomy.

Tickets are £15 and are available from www.get-stuffed.biz.