Diesel delights for rail enthusiasts at Sunday’s session

With its collection of rare steam locomotives from all over the world, the last thing you might expect the Leighton Buzzard Railway to do is leave them in the shed and bring out the diesels. But that is what is planned for Sunday.

And it’s not as crazy as it might seem. As railway spokesman Mervyn Leah explained: “The original sand-quarry owners of the line sold off their steam engines as early as 1921, so petrol and diesel locos have played a large part in the railway’s history.”

The last train of the day is scheduled for the first public outing of the line’s recently restored electric locomotive, leaving Page’s Park at 3.40pm.

In the park itself, there will be an all-day petrol-heads’ paradise with free admission, with what promises to be a spectacular rally of motorcycles.