Camp or chilling? The Old Town Hall offers a Halloween cinema choice

The Exorcist - midnight Halloween screening at the Old Town Hall
The Exorcist - midnight Halloween screening at the Old Town Hall

Film screenings to reflect the Halloween mood at Hemel Hempstead’s Old Town Hall range from the camp to the chilling.

First up in the High Street venue’s cut-price cinema is a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Thursday night.

And punters who want to dress the part will be welcome at the 8pm event.

The movie version of the cult classic dates back to 1975, and features a fresh-faced Susan Sarandon in one of the leading roles.

It’s all about a newly-engaged couple who encounter a whole world of weirdness when their car breaks down in the rain.

They take shelter in the creepy castle home of cross-dressing Dr Frank-N-Furter, who is busy making his own monster.

There’s lots of opportunities for audience participation, including the iconic Time Warp dance.

Tickets are only £3 and group deals are available.

The mood turns much darker at midnight on Saturday with a screening of 18-rated The Exorcist, which had audiences fainting with fright when it was first released 40 years ago.

It follows the efforts of two priests, one doubt-ridden and the other a rock of faith, battling ultimate evil to rid a young girl of the spirits that grip her soul. Again the price is a far from hair-raising £3 and group deals are on offer – call 01442 228 091 or visit