‘When will you build Green Belt car park?’

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The mayor of Tring has called for a long-awaited car park to be built for the town’s most popular tourist attraction.

The Natural History at Tring first put in for planning permission to pave over Dawes Meadow and use it for visitors’ parking at the start of last year.

The car park will have 51 spaces for cars and two for coaches if it goes ahead.

It won the support of Tring Town Council despite being in the middle of the Green Belt.

Now town mayor Nick Hollinghurst wants to know why it hasn’t been built yet.

He said the Akeman Street museum’s visitors are now parking in nearby roads, taking spaces away from the people who live there.

Mr Hollinghurst said: “There has always been a parking problem in school holidays there.

“Of course we get coaches coming along and until recently, the roads were coping reasonably well with coaches parking in Hastoe Lane.

“But with more and more people coming by car, they are taking up the spaces of residents and it’s getting very, very crowded.”

The Natural History Museum says it still plans to build the car park – but did not say when the work would start.

Spokesman Emily Williamson said: “Free parking is currently available at the museum, though during half terms and other busy periods it may not be possible to find a space.

“We are sorry for the inconvenience and encourage visitors to use the local town car parks which are indicated on a map on our website and printed leaflets.”

The plans for the new car park were submitted by The Natural History Museum and The Woodland Trust, who teamed up on a project called Experience Tring.