It’s going to be a hot, hot, hot Salsa Valentino!

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SYDNEY, seven years ago - she was an ex-pat writer working for a Latin magazine, he was a world-renowned master of Cuban dance who’d just moved to the city.

Passionate about Latin dance, she was delighted when her editor called to see if she could do an interview.

It went well, actually it went very well, and as Idalberto Alcala regaled her with his life in Cuba, his dance training and his experiences, Sarah was hooked.

They began to see each other socially, spending time with one another whenever they could, and they began to dance together.

Soon inseparable the interviewer and interviewee had become a couple.

Then on Valentines Day in 2005 Idalberto was singing in a Cuban band at a popular Salsa club in the city. When he asked Sarah up on stage she thought they were going to do a dance demo, but instead he started to sing a beautiful, old, classical Cuban song. And suddenly, microphone in hand, he proposed. The whole venue cheered when Sarah said yes.

They married at sunset in the Japanese inspired gardens of the famous Cuban 1830 mansion at the western edge of Havana’s Malecón.

The birth of Havanna Mia in 2007 prompted a move to the UK to be closer to friends and family.

Today they live in Hemel and want to pass on their passion for Cuban dance to you.

Sarah said: “We don’t simply teach you how to dance the basic Salsa steps, we totally immerse you in the contagious energy and true passion of the rhythm.”

They run regular classes at the new Espinosa Chute Dance Centre in Berkhamsted and they teach private lessons to couples, individuals and small groups.

Give them a call on 0782 771 1077 and maybe next year you’ll be writing your own love story.