Can you dig out your old
Goth gear for exhibition?

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From Bram Stoker’s Dracula to the music of the Sisters of Mercy, the Museum of St Albans is celebrating all things Goth with an exhibition later this year.

And anyone who has an interest in Goth culture, be it fashion, music, art or literature can contribute to the exhibition and help plan supporting events.

The museum team are looking for all kinds of objects for the exhibition, held to mark World Goth Day on May 22.

Goth subculture emerged in England in the 1980s with the gothi rock scene and is influenced by 19th century gothic literature and horror films.

Councillor Mike Wakely, who oversees the heritage brief at St Albans City and District Council, said: “It is important that museums not only look at ancient cultures but also those that have emerged across the centuries to the modern day.”

To find out more call Adam Ditchburn on 01727 751815 or email by February 16.