Brainy students will be on Christmas TV

Bruce Hood and Alex Nash
Bruce Hood and Alex Nash

TWO students will appear in a Christmas lecture to be aired on television tonight.

Alex Nash, 14, was rigged with a heart rate monitor during the Meet Your Brain talk by experimental psychologist professor Bruce Hood, both pictured, right.

Viewers of the Royal Institute Lectures show will be able to see how the Ashlyns School student reacted in different conditions during the show.

At one point where Mr Hood pretends to bein jected for a blood test, Alex’s heart rate races, showing how humans empathise with others who are in stressful situations.

Charlotte Stock of Ashlyns said: “When the television cameras were suddenly turned on Alex, the needle on the monitor nearly shot off the scale.”

The teenager’s heart rate then went back to normal as he rejoined the audience with the seven schoolmates who were at the lecture with him.

Also featured is ellow student Wilf Metson, 15, who was asked about how he uses Facebook as part of Mr Hood’s exploration of how modern technology is shaping the way we communicate with other people.

> The show will be aired on BBC Four at 8pm tonight.