Webber ‘satisfied’ after getting season on track

Aston Clinton F1 racer Mark Webber got his season firmly back on track with a podium finish at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday.

After driving a typically determined race, the Aussie star finished in third place having made a brilliant start despite starting on the ‘dirty’ side of the grid.

Mark Webber in Monaco PHOTO: Red Bull Media and Getty

Mark Webber in Monaco PHOTO: Red Bull Media and Getty

“It was nice to get away so well” says Mark.

“But it was sod’s law that I couldn’t really benefit from it because the run to the first corner in Monaco is the shortest of the year!

“I had to lift off before the braking area because Rosberg and Hamilton in front didn’t seem to get away well, but there was no way to pass them because the track’s so narrow.

“Thereafter, the race was all about tyre conservation. The pace set by (winner Nico) Rosberg was very slow, so it was clear pretty early on that everyone would have to one-stop and that made it a bit processional and took away any element of strategy.

“...Overall I’m satisfied with this result. So much can go wrong at Monaco, but I had a clean race and came away with a podium.”

Once Mark was ahead of Lewis Hamilton, the Briton was very determined in his effort to gain the place back. During one heart-in-mouth moment, he tried to pass Mark at Rascasse, the penultimate corner.

“I’ve enjoyed quite a lot of close racing with Lewis this year,” says Mark.

“It was good that we got through Rascasse safely and I’m not quite sure how we did that because it’s very narrow and there’s usually only one line. I was able to use KERS at the exit to ensure I stayed ahead.

“But I want to congratulate Nico. It’s very special to win here and he had a seamless weekend. He started at the front, but you still have to pull it off and he did that.”

Following Monaco, which has the slowest average speed of the year, comes one of the fastest races on the calendar: the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Mark heads there hoping to finish on an even higher step of the podium.

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