Webber not a fan of lack of fans in Korea

Mark Webber  PHOTO: Red Bull Media
Mark Webber PHOTO: Red Bull Media

Mark Webber says he is not a fan of the distinct lack of fans at the Korean Grand Prix but is keen to see what his rivals will be having for breakfast.

The Aston Clinton speedster says the race lacks atmosphere and hinted the most interesting thing about the Korean GP is seeing what other drivers do for their morning grub as they all stay at the same hotel.

Webber is pleased this year that Korea comes before Japan as it means he can head to the Land of the Rising Sun straight after the race and spend a couple of nights in Tokyo.

But he insists the weekend isn’t all bad once you hit the track.

“It doesn’t mean I dislike the Korean Grand Prix,” he said.

“The atmosphere at the track isn’t great because there aren’t many spectators, but I like the layout of the circuit.

“It’s got some challenging sections and some good corners. The last sector in particular is fun because it has a nice flow to it and the walls are pretty close, so you have to be very accurate with your line.

“I’m not super-keen on these ridiculously long straights, like the one between Turns 2 and 3. They’re a bit boring.

“I know we want to encourage overtaking, but it would be nice to have more corners because that’s the bit we’re supposed to be good at.”

But undeniably one of the most interesting aspects of Korea is the fact all the drivers spend the weekend in the same hotel.

It is something Webber says makes the race ‘unique’.

“Meal times can be a bit bizarre because everyone sits by nationality and we like to have a good look at what everyone else is eating for breakfast.”

Practice takes place on Thursday and Friday before qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday, which is at 7am, live on SkySports.