Olympic Hopeful Robin ready to make a splash

Robin Vasey
Robin Vasey

“AN adrenaline-fuelled, highly skilled, time-trialling roller coaster, without tracks,” is how Robin Vasey describes his sport.

Now 27, Robin has been canoeing for more than 15 years, and the former Hemel Hempstead Canoe Club member, now an Olympic hopeful, has gone on to achieve great things in the water since his early days splashing about on the Grand Union Canal at Nash Mills.

“I was much like anyone else that first gets in a kayak,” said Robin.

“I couldn’t get the thing to go in a straight line very well, it wouldn’t turn when I wanted it to, it made my arms, legs and stomach muscles ache, and I crashed into things and fell in the canal on quite a frequent basis.

“Now I come to think of it, that’s probably why it caught my attention so well; it was a challenge and I was going to get better!”

And get better he certainly has.

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