Muscle man Molloy bags another record

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A STRONGMAN from Hemel has added to his growing tally of Guinness World Records.

Strength athlete Nick Molloy already boasts a number of weightlifting records, and has now added the one minute deadlift accomplishment to his collection – lifting 3,913kg.

“I wasn’t sure where to pitch this one,” said Nick. “First off, I tried it with my own bodyweight – 74kg – and managed 46 reps in a minute.

“Then I tried it with 91kg and managed 43 reps in a minute, giving a much higher poundage.

“The existing record was a bit weak to say the least so I just tried it at the end of training one day. Bodyweight challenges are my domain and I regularly compete in them for the British Strength Athletes Guild.”

Nick, however, is expecting his latest record to be beaten in the near future.

“This really is the domain of the big boys,” he said. “I would expect someone like World’s Strongest Man competitor Terry Hollands to comfortably go above 5,000kg.

“I think I could catch him over an hour but not a minute! In fact, I think I’ll suggest he takes up the challenge and sets a new mark.”

Nick is now focusing on training for a one-hour endurance Atlas stone challenge, as well as attempting to lower his British 100m mark on the indoor rower.