Hard-hitting Hawks fly into the semi-finals

Picture by Jim Garnett.
Picture by Jim Garnett.

Guildford Mavericks 7
Herts Hawks 12

Herts Hawks have reached the NBL AA League semi-finals after a thrilling win over Guildford Mavericks.

The Hawks got off to a strong start against Mavericks starter Tetsuro Shinkawa and, with the bases loaded, Andy Cornish worked a walk for the first run of the game before Rod Naghar doubled the tally to give the Hawks an early 2-0 lead.

In the second Inning, Andrew Fulford smashed a huge home run to put Herts 6-0 ahead, but Guildford gradually began to claw their way back into the contest to reduce the deficit to 8-3 after the fourth inning.

The Mavericks continued to chip away at the Hawks’ lead, and narrowed the gap to just one run, but Herts were not about to let the victory slip.

Impressive catches from Fulford and Paul Auchterlounie got the Herts fans buzzing, and the Hawks eventually secured a 12-7 victory to set up a semi-final clash on Saturday.

Hawks Manager Cornish, said: “Today was excellent baseball and everyone contributed in key moments.

“There was a moment where the momentum had shifted, but we dug deep and we wanted to win the game more.

“We have to reset now, and want the title as much as we wanted to win today’s game.”

> Picture by Jim Garnett