The Fat Dads make their mark on Leisure Leagues 5-a-side debut

Hemel Hempstead Leisure Leagues Fat Dads FC
Hemel Hempstead Leisure Leagues Fat Dads FC

Leisure Leagues welcomed new team Fat Dads to the Hemel Hempstead 5-a-side league on Sunday evening.

They faced reigning Premiership champions Chicken Kiev but gave a valiant performance and fought back from 7-3 down to earn an 8-8 draw.

Hemel Hempstead Leisure Leagues Fred West Ham United PNL-140318-142901002

Hemel Hempstead Leisure Leagues Fred West Ham United PNL-140318-142901002

Fat Dads captain Ian McConnell was the star man on the night as he netted seven for his team, while John Durcan managed five for Kiev.

Elsewhere, The Fellowship looked convincing in their encounter with The Jackson 5-a-side despite the absence of their captain Andy Jeffreys.

Jackson were one goal in front at half-time, but a hat-trick from Fellowship striker Pete Knightingale gained him the man of the match award and pushed his team ahead.

Luke Mallord was forced in to a somewhat unorthodox kneeling down save following a spell of pressure from The Jackson 5-a-side, although further efforts weren’t so close and The Fellowship cruised to a 7-4 win.

Cheeseham United, meanwhile, had established a 31 half-time lead in their match against Norfolk & Chance, with man of the match George Ffitch in the Norfolk goal denying United an even greater advantage.

Norfolk re-focused after the break and came out with a much more attacking style of play which earned them three further goals.

Two expertly converted strikes from James Padwick guaranteed a point for United, in what finished a very fair 4-4 draw.

Improving Mun City played cohesively in the first half of their tie with championship leaders AEK Hemel.

City found themselves just one goal behind at half-time and seemed determined to recover the deficit in the second half.

Phil Ewington scored a superb hat-trick for City although unfortunately for him and his team it wasn’t enough to keep AEK at bay as they moved up a gear to earn a 10-4 win.

Josh Sear was close to securing his third clean sheet of the season for Fred West Ham, as he fought to deny Jobseeker’s Allowance FC.

Fred West Ham were also strong in their attacking play as they utilised the full area of the pitch and produced several well connected passing moves.

Jobseeker’s could only manage a single goal and were not quite at their best, enabling Fred West Ham to celebrate a 5-1 victory.

Butterflies FC made it three wins from three as they earned two points against skilful Gremio.

Butterflies skipper Marcin Maslowski organised his players well, while providing direction and encouragement throughout.

He was also on the scoresheet as he lead his team to a 5-4 win, keeping them in firm contention for the title.

Puyol Pants Down also made it three wins from three as they triumphed over bottom of the table Hemel Elite.

Elite captain and goalkeeper, Chris Wyatt, was on top form as usual between the posts but it was his side’s attacking play that let them down, particularly the final ball.

Nevertheless, they did manage several powerful shots on target, only to be denied by Puyol Pants Down’s new goalkeeper, Delpicasso Demjerko – who must take significant credit for his team’s 7-2 win.

2 Goals 1 Cup featured in a points match with Fred West Ham and while they were not at their best, they can find consolation in the automatic two points.

They will want to be well prepared for next week’s fixture as they face impressive Premiership new boys Fat Dads.

If you’re interested in joining the league as a team or an individual player, call regional manager Gary Connell on 07983 225566.

> Going back a week, Premiership rivals The Jackson 5-a-side and 2 Goals 1 Cup were both looking to secure a win in the first game of the evening.

Jackson skipper and man of the match Jack Rolfe netted a hat-trick in the game, but at times his team’s defence looked helpless and this only encouraged the 2 Goals strikeforce.

On form Sam Acors scored four goals on the night and took his team in to a convincing 7-3 lead at half-time.

The momentum remained with 2 Goals after the break and they celebrated a 14-10 victory.

Meanwhile, Chicken Kiev player manager Jake Spencer will be pleased with his recent signing as new front man Freddie Gamble scored two scorching goals in their match against Wanderers FC.

The match was very tight in the first half and Chicken Kiev were 3-2 up at the break.

Kiev continued to press in the second half and forced some outstanding saves from Wanderers’ agile captain and goalkeeper Billy Tolhurst.

Unfortunately for him the Kiev attacks were relentless and several more goals were inevitable as they eventually ran out 9-3 winners.

The league’s later fixture promised to be an interesting game between experienced premiership sides Hemel Elite and The Fellowship.

Elite welcomed back captain and goalkeeper Chris Wyatt but The Fellowship started very well and had soon established a four-goal lead.

Steve Bull gave his team a much-needed confidence boost after the break, scoring two goals, but this was trumped by man of the match Luke Mallord who netted an impressive four goals and led his team to an 8-4 win.

Championship leaders AEK Hemel were pleased to regain winning ways as they triumphed 4-1 against Jobseeker’s Allowance.

AEK were 2-0 up at half-time and Ryan Richard’s strong work ethic inspired his team to increase their lead in the second half.

Third-placed Butterflies gained a convincing win as they earned a comfortable two points against under-strength Norfolk and Chance.

Tomek Borysewicz was on incredible form in the Butterflies goal and helped his team to earn a 7-3 victory.

Cheeseham United looked sharp in their points match against Premiership side 2 Goals 1 Cup.

Sean Robinson’s teamwork was outstanding for United, who took advantage of a rather fatigued 2 Goals side who had played back-to-back games.

United celebrated a long-awaited first league victory as they ran out 8-4 winners.

Fred West Ham looked a cohesive unit once again in their game against Brazilian boys Gremio.

Fred West were forced to replace talisman Alex Jackson as he suffered a recurring injury, although it didn’t stop them from extending their lead thanks to five goals from Ashley James, contributing to an emphatic 12-5 win.

Puyol Pants Down also suffered at the hands of Fred West when the sides met in their points match.

Puyol were only able to convert two shots during the game, while Fred West scored double that thanks to winger Danny Imlach who stood out and gained the man of the match award.