Vox Pop: Another pound shop is to open in Hemel Hempstead this summer, do we need one?

Vox pop
Vox pop

We spoke to people in Hemel Hempstead town centre to find out what they think.

Jessica Robins, Hunton Bridge:

‘I guess it’s not a bad thing, but it would probably be better if we had a bigger student population here that would actually benefit from it. I would rather see a better variety of shops in the town centre.’

Bradley Tucker, Adeyfield:

‘It’s about supply and demand, really, but it doesn’t look very good in the town to have too many cheap stores. I would definitely like to see different shops – it would attract more people and more investors.’

Louise Brown, Grovehill:

‘I would definitely rather see another shop in its place. To bring more employment to the area is good, but I definitely think we have too many of those kinds of shops in the town cente at the moment.’

Rachael Elliott, works in Hemel town centre:

‘It would be nice to see more independent shops that offer something a bit different. People use them because they are cheap but there are so many and nothing is bringing people here.’

John Jenkins, Allandale:

‘Why not? I am pleased about it, as it is going to bring with it more jobs and it is much better than having an empty unit in the shopping centre. I would like to see tham all being filled and none standing empty.’