You lucky... Premium bond holder buys in October, then wins £1m in February

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February’s jackpot draw has thrown up a £1 million windfall for a Premium Bond holder in Hertfordshire, organisers confirmed this week.

They’re keeping tight-lipped about the identity of the lucky winner, other than to say that he is a man living in the county.

The winning bond was only bought in October last year, but the holder is a big believer in National Savings – he has £30,000 invested in the scheme.

The £1m win was just a small slice of the February prize pot, which topped £51 million and meant windfalls for 1.8 million bond holders.

People in Herts alone hold bonds worth a total of £1.2 billion, and according to the National Savings experts, the odds of each premium bond winning a prize are something of a long shot at 26,000 to 1.

But across the UK there are more than 980,000 unclaimed prizes worth more than £46 million.

In Hertfordshire, 21,000 prizes worth more than £923,000 still remain unclaimed.

One winner is still entitled to cash in a £5,000 prize which was won as long ago as December 2007, and the oldest prize still waiting to be claimed dates back to March 1962.

If you think you might be a winner visit the website at and use the prize checker on the home page.