You heard it here first: anti-Lidl campaign gets national attention

Anti-Lidl sign
Anti-Lidl sign

We brought you the news about the anti-Lidl backlash in Berkhamsted two weeks ago.

You can read our story about it here

National media outlets have now picked up on it and quotes and comments that first appeared on this website are now being used on the Daily Mail’s website

John Waller, 70, of Cobb Road, Berkhamsted, said: “I have not spoken to the Mail – so I do not know how they got my quote. It must have come from your website.”

The telly’s BBC London News – which also covers large parts of Herts – has now picked up on the story too.

Creator of a petition opposing the creation of a new Lidl in Berkhamsted High Street Cathie George will be interviewed for the show later today.

Even BBC Birmingham Radio has asked to interview her at 2.10pm today – it is not known what the local connection to Birmingham is. Meanwhile, BBC Three Counties Radio will interview Berkhamsted Citizens Association chairman Susan Johnson about the Lidl proposal at 4pm today.

A petition supporting the creation of a new Lidl in the Gossoms End area of town has also been created

The anti-Lidl petition so far has 139 signatures while the pro lobby has 384 signatures.