‘X Factor-style’ vote could win school a new playground

Potten End pre-school pupils
Potten End pre-school pupils

A village pre-school has entered into an ‘X-Factor-style’ public vote in order to win a grant worth £25,000 for a new playground.

Potten End Pre-School depends on winning the public vote against around 80 other projects across the UK, in order to receive one of two grants from community award provider the Engage Foundation.

The pre-school lost its garden to the expansion of the neighbouring Potten End First School, as part of the move to a two-tier school system in the county.

It is hoped the funding, if they win it, will replicate some of the features of the old garden in a refurbished playground.

Chairman of the pre-school’s management committee Sophie Kennedy said: “Winning a £25,000 grant would make all the difference in the world to us.

“The pre-school sits at the heart of our local community in Potten End and can’t survive without the generous financial support of friends and parents. Without the grant, we will be unable to provide the essential facilities that our community needs.”

The committee’s vice-chairman Annette Connell called on Dacorum to register with the Engage Foundation and vote for the project. She said: “Because it’s a public vote, it’s essential that everyone gets online and votes for us.

“We need people to spread the word – for parents to e-mail friends, relatives and work colleagues and for businesses near and far. Every vote really does count.”

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