Winter floods make way for summer boating fun

The Barnard family boating in Boxmoor
The Barnard family boating in Boxmoor

The flooding in Boxmoor may finally be showing signs of subsiding, but not before one family made the most of the makeshift lakes.

The Barnard family decided to buy a blow-up dinghy and go boating in the area, which was still swollen with water still left over from the winter’s heavy rains.

According to the Box Moor Trust, the problem is a natural phenomenon caused by ‘Artesian wells’ underneath the meadowland, which they hope will drain soon to clear up more grazing areas for the cows.

Graham, 45, with children Cerys, eight, and Miles, five, rowed the length of the oversized puddles while mum Sue took pictures.

Sue said: “We have driven past it for months and walked the dog past most weekends on out way to the fisheries and every time my husband said we should get a boat and take the kids out on it.

“We joked about it for weeks then he just ordered a dinghy which arrived one Saturday morning by surprise. The kids were so excited we loaded up the car and headed down. It was a lot of fun.”