Will this be last chance to speak out on Berkhamsted permits?

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A one-month public consultation on whether parking permits should be drawn up will be launched on Wednesday, September 26.

Berkhamsted Town Council says residents-only spaces could go in roads around the town’s railway station and Charles Street.

A public exhibition showing on maps how they would look is due to be held in the town’s Court House for two days from Thursday, October 4. On Saturday, October 6, they will be exhibited on a market stall in Berkhamsted High Street.

A parking discussion forum – made up of councillors, business leaders and householders – will meet for the first time tonight to help shape the plans.

But Councillor Garrick Stevens said at a meeting on Monday that the group would not have enough time to make any changes. He said: “This must not only be a sham exercise as it could easily become.”

Councillor Ian Reay said the plans had already been four years in the making: “We have got to a point now where we have simply got to draw this to a conclusion.

“And if people do not want permits, they will not go ahead.”