Why Longdean School fell short on hygiene inspection

Longdean School headteacher Graham Cunningham PNL-140715-152727001
Longdean School headteacher Graham Cunningham PNL-140715-152727001

The headteacher of Longdean School has vowed to improve its food hygiene rating after it emerged that wrong knives were used to cut food and ‘fridge handles were dirty’.

In June, Dacorum Borough Council found the management of food was unacceptable and there was little evidence staff knew about food safety.

“The inspection by the Food Standards Agency raised concerns about inadequate record keeping and systems being in place, and not our food hygiene and cleanliness standards which were rated as satisfactory,” headteacher Graham Cunningham said.

“Within a week of the inspection, all the issues raised were addressed and corrected.”

Regulations state that you have to wait three months from the original inspection to be re-inspected. “We will be applying when we move into new school premises shortly and fully expect to return to a 5-rating,” Mr Cunningham said.