Who are the highest and lowest spenders of your taxes?

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A VILLAGE chief has pledged to keep the tax he collects as low as possible.

Northchurch Parish Council collected £10.88 per Band D property in the financial year of April 1, 2011, to March 31, 2012.

The only political group at that level to charge less was Aldbury Parish Council, which took in £10.75 per Band D property.

The one that charged the most out of the 14 town and parish councils in Dacorum was Flamstead Parish Council, which asked for £34.18 per Band D home. It was closely followed by Kings Langley, which charged £32.69.

Alan Fantham, chairman of Northchurch council, said: “An accountant once told me that people will not remember you for keeping the rates down low.

“But they will remember you for the swimming pool you build.”

But he said the group will probably keep the rate it charges as it is in the next financial year.