When will the potholes ever end? Road rubble row rumbles onward

Previously Daniel Trowbridge complained about the road
Previously Daniel Trowbridge complained about the road

A housing association has dodged its maintenance obligations, say the people who live on a pothole-ridden road.

The Belton Road neighbours say walking on the bumpy lane can cause pain for the disabled and people who have recently given birth.

After a previous story in the Gazette, Hightown Praetorian & Churches Housing Association said it was not responsible for maintaining the road.

Writing to Hightown recently, Belton Road man Nigel Payne said: “You do not own the road. But, as a developer and owner of properties whose tenants rely on the road for access, you do have a moral obligation to provide safe access for them.”

Hightown managers previously said that they would only agree to share maintenance costs with the people who live in Belton Road – which they are standing by.

But now they are saying that planning permission for the eight Hightown flats in the road was granted on the condition that it maintain the road.

Keith Puleston says he and his wife have lived in Belton Road for more than 30 years – longer than anyone else.

He says filling in potholes with more gravel in recent years had caused the road to rise, so rainwater runs into people’s drives and floods them.

Writing to Hightown, he said: “The road surface needs scrapping and the removal of loose material, before being restored properly with either tarmac or concrete in accordance with your original plans.”

But Hightown spokesman Emma Crump said the road needed extensive repairs, including drainage works, to bring it up to a proper standard. She said: “It is used by the occupants of a number of houses and flats, including eight properties built by Hightown for shared ownership.

“The planning condition from 2005 referring to the maintenance of the road is, in Hightown’s view, impracticable and unenforceable.

“Hightown does not own the road.”