West Herts Hospital Trust makes £1.8m from car parks

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West Herts Hospital Trust has raked in more than £1million in car parking charges within the last year.

A Freedom of Information request by the Press Association asked each Trust how much income it had received from parking in 2016.

And West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust cashed in £1,868,424 – a significant amount although quite a way behind the top 10 Trusts in the country, which made more than £2.3million.

The Trust has 2,288 car parking spaces across its sites at Hemel Hempstead Hospital, St Albans City Hospital and Watford General Hospital.

It costs £2 to park for an hour, £8 for up to four hours and £15 for anything above six hours – while there is also a weekly parking ticket for £20.

Staff are also charged to park based on a percentage of the individual’s salary.

The charges have been in place since 2013, while the park is operated on behalf of the Trust by car parking firm CP Plus.

A spokesman for the Trust told the Gazette: “In line with almost all NHS hospital sites in England the trust charges staff, patients and visitors for use of these facilities to cover the operating costs, maintenance, security, capital charges, rates and lease costs.

“The current charges were determined following extensive consultation with all user groups. A number of concessionary arrangements are available to cover regular users and those with long-term treatment programmes. Our charges have not increased since 2013.

“Drop-off zones at each location allow patients rapid access to emergency services, maternity and outpatients free of charge.

“Charge levels were benchmarked against neighbouring NHS hospitals and local car park operators. Staff car park charges are based on a percentage of the individual’s salary. The trust’s car parks are operated on behalf of the Trust by CP Plus.

“The trust constantly reviews its car parking arrangements to ensure they meet the requirements of all users. Improvements are currently being planned across all sites and are being developed in consultation with all users.”