‘We will fight this monstrosity together’: The angry battle against substation continues...

Berkhamsted's new electricity substation
Berkhamsted's new electricity substation

Berkhamsted’s planning bureaucrats and civic amenity campaigners are outraged about an electricity substation ‘monstrosity’ that appeared without planning permission.

Network Rail says the structure – which is surrounded by metal, palisade fencing – only required ‘permitted development’ agreement from Dacorum Borough Council.

The rule, which applies to everything that aids the operation of the train service, meant the authority only had a limited say on the substation plan.

The Berkhamsted Citizens Association (BCA) is challenging the decision and wants the substation moved or a fence that is more in keeping with the conservation area put around it. Berkhamsted Town Council will support its challenge. The substation has now been next to the town’s railway station for around a month.

BCA chairman Susan Johnson said: “If nothing else, we will fight together for mitigation – brick walls, paint, planting are all options.”