‘We’ve been well and truly plucked’: Pheasant pub closed to make way for four homes

The Pheasant in Tring has closed its doors
The Pheasant in Tring has closed its doors

New Mill’s only pub The Pheasant ‘has been well and truly plucked’ and was recentlyb forced to close after plans were made to convert it into new homes.

The news was posted on the website of the watering hole after a planning application for the work was submitted earlier this year.

The message, signed by Lesley Streatfield, says: “The Pheasant has been well and truly plucked! For anyone who’s interested, it is being converted into two residential units plus the construction of two new dwellings.

“Commiserations to all the locals who frequented it. I’m sure the ONLY pub in New Mill will be sadly missed.”

Stratton Homes plans to convert The Pheasant into two residential units and also to build two new detached houses on the site.

A report submitted with its planning application said the pub was ‘rarely frequented’ due to its lack of facilities expected within such establishments and found in others nearby.

Permission for the work was granted by Dacorum Borough Council late last month.