‘We paid to clean this up’

Flytipping in Vicarage Road, Potten End.
Flytipping in Vicarage Road, Potten End.

Potten End Parish Council chairman Simon Barnard says the people who dumped two huge piles of rubbish in the village are ‘despicable’.

The rubbish was left in Vicarage Road in the middle of the night – but included several letters, all bearing the same address in London.

Mr Barnard said: “It’s disgraceful. It’s absolutely appalling. I was disgusted.

“Right in the middle of beautiful countryside, someone who cannot be bothered disposing of things in the proper way just dumped it.”

He said someone had probably been paid to get rid of the waste and left it there to avoid paying fees at a tip.

He said: “I think it is despicable and we are all paying for the clear-up as taxpayers.”

The rubbish has now been cleared and police are investigating.