‘We need to fill the gap left by Shelter’

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A county councillor’s suggestion to spend £60,000 on covering the gap left by a housing charity’s cutbacks has been thrown out.

Councillor Ron Tindall pressed Herts County Council’s executive member for health and adult care, Collette Wyatt-Lowe, on the alternatives following the Shelter shutdown.

Councillor Wyatt-Lowe said: “Historically we have not funded Shelter but we do commission services to support young and vulnerable homeless people. We already have a strong set of advice and advocacy organisations.”

She referred to Herts Help and the Keep Warm Stay Well grant as current provisions available, but Councillor Tindall said: “I was not asking for the council to commission Shelter, neither do I think it wise to give advice on staying warm in your home to the homeless.

“The Conservative administration is not prepared to step in to provide a safety net for vulnerable people.”