We hope it never happens, but we have to be ready...

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THERE’S a pile-up between a minibus, a lorry and a car in a motorway tunnel in the middle of the night.

Several people have been burned by fire and cut by broken glass, and smoke is everywhere.

But are Hertfordshire’s emergency services up to the task of rescuing the wounded?

That’s what an exercise at the Galleria’s A1(M) tunnel in Hatfield set out to discover on Sunday.

The “worst case scenario” tested the power of the county’s emergency services to respond to major incidents.

Real-life ‘casualties’ used make-up to simulate burns and cuts that ambulance staff had to treat on the spot.

Firefighter Andy Nunn, who was an exercise director, said on the night: “If we can deal with this, we will be able to deal with any potential incident that happens.”

He set aside six fire engines and 40 firefighters to take part in the midnight to 2am training task.

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