‘We have not given up on bus route yet’

THE FIGHT to save a redirected bus route continues after a council vowed to continue its campaign.

Tring Town councillors said they would keep pushing for Arriva’s 500 bus route to pick up at Cow Lane and Station Road.

At a meeting on Monday, January 24, councillors hoped Herts County Council changes to Moor End Road in Hemel Hempstead - one of the roads Arriva says is delaying the route – will go a step further towards reinstating the route.

Councillor Denise Rance said: “It was mentioned that there is going to be a change in the road layout at Moor End Lane in Hemel Hempstead, which is apparently causing some of the delay so I don’t think we should stop campaigning on it just yet.”

The 500 bus route was discussed after the council received a letter from Arriva’s head of operations (West) Nick Knox in December, which said the situation had not improved.

He wrote: “In fact, there have been more roadworks causing delays along the route.

“This is not a decision we took lightly and it is something that we will continue to monitor and review over the months ahead.”

But Mrs Rance said: “Road works is no excuse to remove, withdraw or change a bus route.”

There has been an ongoing campaign by residents in Tring’s Grove area and Tring Town Council to get the bus to pick up at Cow Lane and Station Road again, since the 500 bus was rerouted in May last year.

It currently goes along London Road instead, a route which pensioners who rely on the bus have complained leaves them with around a mile walk to shops and health services in the town centre.

Arriva has previously stated that problems on the route in Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted have caused delays.

Failure to implement bus priority measures in Moor End Road was given as a major concern, as was the removal of a bus lane in Waterhouse Street.

The company also listed the revised road layout at the M25 spur road near Hunton Bridge, quick traffic lights in Berkhamsted and traffic near retail parks in Apsley.

Arriva spokesman Linsey Frostick said: “We are pleased that some enforcement is to be introduced, although this is only one area of concern and hold-ups. None of the issues which led us to our decision have been resolved and we continue to monitor the situation going forward.”