Watch the birdies - the feathered or the golf kind!

photographer luke archer wants to hear from possible portrait subjects, potten end, december 2012
photographer luke archer wants to hear from possible portrait subjects, potten end, december 2012
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A portrait photographer whose work is already on display in the National Portrait Gallery wants to say ‘watch the birdie’ to Dacorum bird-watchers – and he’s hoping golfers and bee-keepers will want to get involved in his latest project, too. .

Luke Archer, 24, from Potten End, said: “I am looking at different groups in our society – basically just quirky, outdoor activities which in a way have parallels with photography.

“They all have a history, they require time and effort and specialist equipment. They are all hobbies, like my passion for photography itself.”

The photography graduate’s current long-term project about peers in the House of Lords, entitled Inheritance, was inspired by the rediscovery of his grandfather’s 100-year-old camera.

Although he says that camera is too sentimental to take out and about on his new mission, he will still be using vintage equipment.

“It is still old-fashioned, I will have to go under the cloth and things like that. But I might incorporate some digital as well.

“I want people to come forward who are willing to spend some time being photographed this way. If someone is a member of a club or society, it might lead to more people knowing about it.”

Those who sit for Luke’s project will be given a print of their image and he will not use them for commercial gain without the subject’s permission.

“You can’t really tell when you start a project where it will end up. I just do it with the aim of as many people seeing them as possible,” said Luke , whose work can be seen online

“I just want to group images of these subcultures together, so it becomes a story of Hertfordshire and some of the activities and pastimes in the county. I haven’t done any projects based on my own area before, it is nice to do something more local.”

If you are a golfer, bee-keeper or bird-watcher and are interested in sitting for Luke, contact him on 07841574644 or