Watch out for faulty streetlights in Herts during run-up to clocks changing


A problem with the streetlight timing devices used across the county means some may not work as expected in the weeks surrounding the springtime clock change next Sunday, March 30.

Herts County Council cabinet member for highways Terry Douris said: “We expect our contractor Amey Lafarge to fix this soon and at their own expense. We are very disappointed that this hasn’t been resolved by now, despite our persistence. We want to make residents aware of this issue so that if you spot a light hasn’t turned on for one night, you’ll know why.”

Reports of streetlights not working before midnight have already been submitted to the council, who say normal part-night operation will resume soon. Hemel Hempstead’s Grovehill was one area affected by the problem last night.

Streetlight or road faults can be reported to the council by clicking here.